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Internet Marketing Training Videos

Friday, August 26th, 2011

Free Training Online – Internet Marketing Training Videos

Author: Gary Miller

Do most internet marketing training videos leave you in a state of confusion?

Spending your time trying to learn from tutorials to find out you need a tutorial to understand what you are watching? during my search for free training online I found most were centered around affiliate programs and offered little value for actual strategies that could help me grow my internet business.

That’s not to say there isn’t good information out there regarding internet marketing training videos, but the best information is generally not found utilizing free training. Most internet marketing guru’s offer packages related to so-called blueprints, marketing materials and/or traffic strategies. Unfortunately, they’re not free and tend to be outdated, incomplete or overly complicated techniques, and overpriced based on the content that they deliver.

So how do you actually locate information that is relevant to money making strategies and marketing your business on an ongoing basis? It’s not easy but there are some clues that may indicate whether the material is going to work for you and be applicable now.

Before you get involved with another free or paid training program, rate each of the following questions on a scale from 1 to 10 where a 10 is excellent:

Assuming there is a general overview covering the related topics being discussed in the training modules, are these topics related to areas that would be beneficial to what you are working on right now with your internet business or overall business plan?

How much would gaining the knowledge from this information actually move your internet business forward? (best guess here)

Do the testimonials sound legitimate and coming from real people?

Have you located any reviews about this training doing a Google search, if so, from what is being said about the training, how relevant is it to the areas you are working on?

If someone referred you to the product what level of trust do you put on this persons recommendation?

From what you’ve been reading about this training is it targeted for a beginner, moderate or advanced internet marketer? (Rate no more than 5 for beginner, 7 for moderate and 9 for advanced).

Then based on the above answer, how close does this match your current skill level as an internet marketer?

Now add all of your ratings together for an overall score on the questions:

If there was a question listed above regarding the training that were not applicable to your situation then decrease the scoring table below by 10 (e.g. 55 to 70 becomes 45 to 60), if 2 questions are not applicable lower it by 20 (e.g. 55 to 70 becomes 35 to 50). If you had more than 2 questions that were not applicable to the training you are considering then something is wrong and you shouldn’t waste your time on it.

A score of 55 to 70 means this training is highly relevant and valuable.

A score of 41 to 54 means this training is relevant and valuable.

A score of 31 to 40 means this training is somewhat relevant but less valuable.

A score of 30 or below means the training maybe nice to have but not valuable right now. On 30 or below, I would pass on it whether it was free or paid training. It’s likely to be a waste of your time.

The rating system that I have outlined above may be somewhat cryptic but it serves as a good rule of thumb. One of the biggest stumbling blocks for many entrepreneurs is being able to manage their time successfully. It’s easy to get distracted by events and tasks that are not a productive use of our time. Before we know it, our ability to get things accomplished that would move our business forward is seriously lacking or even non-existent.

In closing, I want to point out what I consider to be the corner stone of any internet marketing business and the more knowledge you have regarding these specific areas the greater amount of success you’ll have with your overall internet marketing and sales efforts:

Keyword Research:

Keywords will ultimately make or break your overall success rate because they are the key to getting your pages, videos, images, etc… ranked in the search engines along with getting them indexed. Most of the free training online tend to use vague terminology regarding this subject matter. (e.g. Find keywords with high search volume and low competition). This is important but only the beginning, low competition could mean anything.

At the bear minimum do this:
• Search for keywords that relate to your niche using the Google Keyword Tool. Go to Google and type in “google keyword tool” without the quotes, and search. It will be the first entry in the list.
• Once there, type in a general keyword that describes your niche. Make sure that you have selected competition as one of the values for your headings across the top of the list of keywords.
• Click on the heading field that says “Global Monthly Searches”, it will sort the list from largest to smallest. Look for keywords that have good search volume and lower competition according to Google. Also, pay attention to trends here, notice when your niche is trending higher vs. lower throughout the year.
• Now bring up a new window in your browser. Go to the Google Search Engine at, enter your keyword or search phrase you have picked from the list, if multiple words like training videos enter in double quotes as “training videos”, then hit enter.
• Make a note of how many results are returned according to Google.
• Now here’s the real test to your actual competition. You need to know the page rank of each entry listed on the first page, so the first 10 results. The easiest way to do this is with Firefox using the SEOQuake plugin. We are looking at the natural list of search results and not the Sponsored Links as these are paid results usually at the very top and listed on the right side of the page.
• Once you know the page rank of each listing on Page 1 of Google, add the individual page rank of each listing and divide the total number by 10. If the overall page rank is 2.5 or less you have a keyword you can rank for (this assumes you are starting from scratch and have no page rank in Google currently for Blog or Website).
• Do this exercise for every keyword/keyword phrase you plan to utilize for your articles, ads, videos, images, blog content, website content, so-on and so-forth.

Learn as much about keyword research as you possibly can. The better job you do here means a higher level of success going forward.

Domain Names:

Once you have completed the keyword research it is vitally important that your Domain Name matches your main keyword or keyword phrase. This is where many people screw it up. Your Domain Name must be relevant to the keywords and the niche you are trying to rank for if you want any love from the search engines.

As an example: If you are trying to market to Internet Marketers and your niche is video online training, then a domain name of or something similar would help you rank higher in the search engines with keywords around both internet marketing and video training. If you ultimately need more than 1 domain name to cover all the keywords that you need to incorporate then so be it.

You can always use domain forwarding if all of the content is being housed on 1 blog or website. Just know that your rankings in search engines come from keywords that match up with your domain name.

Learn as much about Domain Names related to search engine rankings as you can.

Search Engine Optimization:

SEO describes the strategies used to improve the position of a blog or website on a search engine results page (SERP). Generally, the higher you can rank the more traffic you’ll receive from the search engine. More traffic ultimately means more sales theoretically.

My advice here is to read the search engine guidelines and make sure you are following the main points and that you are not in violation or doing anything questionable because this will get you banned from the search engines in the long run.

The Sales Funnel:

This is the heart of your internet business as it is an expression of everything that will be presented to visitors of your sites. In the course of this presentation it needs to follow a concise and logical progression for all of your offers and information. A combination of text, video, images and/or other media to create a good mix of content for your visitors is essential. Above all, make sure your site is not boring or controversial by stating too many opinions unless of course that is what your site is all about. Also, use words that create excitement about the information you are sharing and around all of your offers.

The minimal areas that you need to focus on is learning all you can about creating great landing pages with excellent methods for email capture forms, creating an email autoresponder series, an excellent thank you page and your payment processor works flawlessly.

Marketing Strategy:

If the sales funnel is the heart of your internet business then your overall marketing strategies are the life blood for your business. Having a great website or blog without a clearly defined marketing strategy will not help you succeed. You have to be able to get people to your site in order to make the presentation or activate your sales funnel.

This single area of your business is ultimately where you will spend a great deal of time learning what attracts people and what methods do absolutely nothing for your business. One thing to keep in mind here, most of the free training online will focus more on free methods to drive traffic to your sites. There is nothing wrong with this but you need to realize these methods work over the long haul and do not generate much traffic in the beginning.

Learn all that you can about the latest marketing strategies and stay current with them. The better you get at marketing your business and yourself, the more successful you’re going to be. Remember that targeted traffic = $$$$’s to your business. General traffic does not convert to sales; it will bring a person to your page that will immediately leave as they have no interest in your offer anyway! View it like this, you have a customer that wants to by a hammer and they wind up going to a flower shop. Make sure that your marketing strategies result in targeted traffic for whatever it is you are offering.
The idea here is to learn as you go. You don’t have to learn everything to be successful. Try to master one or two methods to start with and then expand your marketing repertoire as you gain experience.

I’ve shared some valuable information here but this is just the beginning. If you’ve been disappointed with inferior internet marketing courses previously, I have some great news for you. To learn more about it check out the links at the end of this article. I’m wishing you the best of luck with your internet marketing career and experience.

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