Website Authority is Vital for Search Results

Website Authority is Vital for Search Results

Wednesday, March 20th, 2013

Website authority has become one of the most important things to achieve as far as having the search engines treat your content with respect.

Here are some articles that will help expand on my statement.

Seven Ways Writers Can Build Online Authority with Google+


Smart writers can start getting a jump on competition by strategically using Google+ in combination with their own sites. Here’s how.

Here’s another great article on website authority

Why Building Website Authority is the Foundation of Lasting


The only thing that really matters, the only thing you can unequivocally say is going to be worth investing in now because its value will not diminish over time, is building an authority website with a diverse traffic model that

Here’s what Google+ Thinks about Website Authority

Does the size of a website affect its authority in Google?

Brian Hancock from Long Island, NY asks: “How much does the size of a web site (# indexed pages/content) have an effect on its authority in Google’s eyes?”

I hope this helps shed some light on the importance of website authority.

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